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Your livelihood depends on who you work with - wouldn't you want to work with someone that not only respects you, but has your best interest as well? Owner Operators here at ACT you can be earning between $800 to $1200 daily!

We - Need Owner Operators. You - Need a good paying, strong, reliable company that can keep you working and well paid. Together - We can become a winning team. Bring us your Settlement sheets and compare our rates with that of what you are currently receiving and you will discover we offer good work, great pay, and a very friendly staff.

Owner Operators

Earn between $800 and $1200 a day! Don't work for a company that only has Steamship Line work with low rates and even lower low fuel surcharges! Work with a company that works to find you lanes you enjoy handling. Work with a company that helps you earn some extra dollars when you need to with Sat/Sun work! Work with a company that has great rates, excellent accessorial charges, and work you like to do!

Do you take pride in your work? Are you on time all the time for your appointments? Are you an Owner Operator that truly understands that you are just as responsible for good customer service just as much as we are? If this sounds like you then we would love to talk with you about working with us at American Carrier Transport.

Fleet Owners | Drivers

Fleet Owners, sign up with us today and we can help you recruit drivers for your empty tractors.

Drivers we have newer trucks, great benefits, and work you'll enjoy. Need a flexible schedule? We can help you with work that fits your schedule.

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Owner Op/Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Find out just how good we are!

  • This is a difficult question to answer as it is based on many factors, including how much you work, how picky you are, and where you're willing to go. Those who keep their wheels turning seem to make the most each week.

  • We have been targeting moves in the 50 to 100 mile range. Not to say we won't go farther, but we do try to stay in the local/regional markets.

  • If you want to run farther than local/regional all you need to do is tell us. We work closely with our customers to ensure we have the cargo our O/Ops like.

  • Tolls are included in the base rate.

  • Yes, we do have a plate program. The plates are IN apportioned plates. Contact us for the details.

  • We offer bobtail and physical damage insurance. Contact us for more details.